Simon Brown
Photographer & Writer

Site Upate

Simon has taken the long term view that publication of his images on the internet is not rewarding enough.


Three primary reasons:-

Infringers are rife and to be quite frank the kind of individual who does nothing more than copy and paste is unpleasant to deal with. Everyone from major corporations to bloggers all crave content, but none of them stop and consider that someone owns the images. When caught, infringers squeal like a stuck pig and do everything to avoid paying, or value an underwater image below the cost of a pint of milk. The process of enforcing one's rights is diametrically opposite to the joy of creation and the never-ending joyless task of contacting, being ignored, filing papers and attending court has to stop. Simon has decided to no longer publish content for others to simply steal.

The current government has decided that something called Extended Collective Licensing is a good idea. In short, this idea means anyone can use an image for any purpose without permission and only paying what a third party thinks is a fair figure. Simon does not want to see his images being used for purposes he does not agree with, or for a fee that does not respect the cost of creation.
The current government has decided to allow Orphan Works - images with no known author - to be put to commercial use. Museums who hold many of these works could have chosen not to press for commercial rights, but they are greedy and so are their commercial partners. Again, Simon disagrees with allowing his work to be used in this way, broadly for the same reasons as Extended Collective Licensing.

In summary, those who steal rights - both infringers and a government who has removed the rights to photos so others can derive benefit - have destroyed the pleasure of creation. Rest assured Simon will continue to assert his rights to his images, up to and including court action if required.
Simon still creates, but if you would like to see his work, please use the contact page to request a viewing.